New Fitout For Wildflag Office and Studios

We’ve been putting up with less than acceptable office space for too long, and the studios are not in the condition that we are happy with regarding having musicians coming into the spaces for recording. Given this we have decided to revamp the Wild Flag office and studios with a full renovation.

After looking around office fitting Melbourne companies and designers, we decided to have a go at designing the spaces ourselves, then contracting in a specialist business to undertake the work. One of the most important aspects that we wanted to achieve is lots of natural light and white wall spaces, incorporating feature splashes of vivid color as highlights, similar to the design of Apple stores. In the end we chose LH Property Group to undertake the building works.

One of the issues we had though was with the building. As a Victorian brick building it didn’t lend itself very well for lots of natural light, instead the interior was dark and gloomy due to the small windows and over hang of neighboring buildings.

One of the best solutions that we came up with was to install natural skylights throughout the spaces. Although the natural skylights we chose presented a lot of additional problems to install. Due to the buildings’ original roof, and the difficulty in find specialist slate roof restorations Melbourne tradesmen, the installation of the skylights into the roof was cumbersome and more expense than we budgeted for.

But in the end everything worked out well and the difference this made to the internal light was staggering to say the least and well worth the added stress and expense. Instantly there was much more interior light throughout the building, and with the new white plaster board walls and opened out areas totally transformed the look and feel of the office and studio.

Time to Get Some Exposure – Let’s Rank in Google Search

Us here at Wild Flag Studios have been wanting to increase our brand and try to get some more clients for recording in our studio. After looking at various advertising and marketing options from newspaper ads through to television commercials we have decided to try online marketing, specifically ranking for relevant keywords in Google natural search.

From our investigations search engine optimization for Melbourne businesses has really gained in popularity recently as many smaller boutique businesses have found that working with a professional SEO specialist company can really produce results in laser targeting niches of potential customers that are searching Google for what their business offers.

We chose to go with ranking in natural search rather than pay per click advertising as it is a well known fact that up to 70% of people are ‘Ad Blind’ to the paid ads and only click on the top 5 or 6 results in Google when researching a product or service.

Facebook advertising is another avenue that we may consider investing in as this seems to fit with our demographic audience who are artists and musicians that often use social media to get their work out into the public sphere and to communicate with the fans and followers.

The search to find a talented seo consultant in Melbourne that we could rely on to provide us with results was not easy, as there seems to be a lot of so called experts out there that either don’t know what they are doing, or only wanted us to sign on the bottom line and relive us of our money. In the end we chose to handle our initial foray into the world of internet marketing and facebook campaigns, as they have shown excellent results for businesses similar to ours and seemed to really connect with us and what we are trying to achieve.

It’s early days yet but we are starting to see results – both in terms of our website rising in to search results and an increase to the number of enquiry phone calls and emails that are coming in.

Solar Power For the Wild Flag Studio?

After increasingly high and continuously rising power bills we here at Wild Flag are getting angry at the ‘big brother’ power companies and are seriously considering converting over to solar power to save on the monthly running costs of the studio. Also we want to take advantage of the current solar power rebates that are on offer that would see our investment in a solar power system return on its investment quite quickly.

After talking to a number of solar power specialist companies here locally we have decided that an 8 KW system would more than cover the energy consumption levels of the studio when in full operation. Also the installation of Jenko solar panels in Melbourne seems to be a logical decision.

What makes the investment in solar more enticing is that the majority of our power consumption is during the day when the system is producing its peak output, meaning that we should benefit from the solar system’s generation completely and not have to draw additional power from the grid. Also with the particular systems that we are considering they have the option of upgrading to a hybrid inverter and battery system so as to capture surplus solar energy generated during daylight hours for use in the night time.

In fact we are so impressed by the concept of converting to solar energy systems that one of our staff members is now wanting to install a solar hot water Geelong system in their home, and another acquaintance is looking seriously at rolling out solar power Darwin in his Alice Spring based tourist resort.

The other point that makes us warm and fuzzy is that we have a strong bias to environmental issues and with the conversion to solar energy systems running our business and eventually our homes not only do we get the financial benefit of cutting our significant carbon based energy use and also our monthly running expenses.

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